Friday, June 28, 2013

Top 8 RSS Reader : Which is the Best for Google Reader Alternatives

News reader is a software application or online service, you can monitor the contents of the data source, usually using RSS or Atom format synchronization information. Subscribe to news sites, as long as the site to post new content, you can jump out of the news reader, one-stop news reader. Since March 13, the biggest RSS feed service Google Reader announced the closure, several RSS feeds tools to commence competition, set its sights on Google Reader may release a huge market. In a few days, we will see that the words of: "Google Reader, and died in the year July 1, 2013." Participants also accelerating race sprint, But in the end, who will become the best replacement of the Google Reader?


Back in Google Reader announced the closure before, Feedly is already a successful product, and Google Reader fueled the development of its closure, the company will soon upgrade the web services and mobile interfaces, quickly became the number one News Reading App in mobile operating system. Feedly RSS hope to popularize public. It is quite different with Google Reader. For a Reader, the simple design and good content can be better for a reader to enjoy the process of reading. Feedly mobile terminal interface design is very simple. It follows the technology is king, cross-platform support multiple browsers, compatible with iOS and Android system's local application. As long as there is a Google Reader account, you can sync the RSS feeds to Feedly, and Feedly owns itself about more than 18,000,000 outstanding RSS feeds garbed. The reading process can also save the contents of your favorite, or through Twitter, email, and other kind of sharing transponder channels. For the user, whether it is reading or sharing, Feedly can easily meet the demand.


The social news site is currently being tested new Digg Reader. Since Google announced it would close Google Reader, the site has been developing the project. Digg Reader is designed to serve advanced users. Digg Reader provides data migration, keyboard shortcuts features and iPhone applications, with unique design, easy to use interface, similar to Google Reader, share content options are also more personalized. But this product is the lack of Google Reader Key features: article search. And also as a new product, it is naturally occurring bug. Has launched the beta version, the full version of the service will be released this week.


Originally aggregation tools provide only RSS or Atom content of information sources, but now also expanded the scope of the polymerization, a summary of Twitter, Facebook and Google and other social networking tools. Flipboard is a typical representative of such aggregators. FlipBoard designed to serve mobile users news junkie. If you're reading via mobile phones and other mobile devices all the news, FlipBoard is the best choice. Regardless of whether has a Flipboard account or not, we can continue to use Flipboard for personalized reading. We can also come to us want to subscribe by searching the contents. However, FlipBoard only supports mobile devices, so if you do not like reading through the phone, you have to say goodbye with it. As the originator of individualized reading, Flipboard gives users a whole new reading experience, make reading become more efficient and easier.


NewsBlur is a product for the wealthy, its interface is very similar with Google reader. As long as you register and subscribe to RSS, then this site will be able to read anytime, anywhere access. In addition it also owns iOS and Android version of the phone client. It also labels, many Readers do not provide this functionality. Provide more than 64 subscription content, you have to pay higher cost, and the appearance is not very beautiful, slightly messy. If there is an excellent free RSS, who will spend money to read it?


This Monday, AOL officially launched its own reader service AOL Reader, it is still in the invitation to Beta stage. But based on discover, once you submit application, you can immediately be considered eligible. AOL Reader can not only import data source, it also provides an application programming interface (API), so that other developers will be applied to the data source integration with AOL, like Google Reader same. Deserve special to point out that, AOL Reader speeds much faster than Google Reader, you can say there is no sense of delay. Like with Digg, this service is also in the testing phase. AOL Reader API is free, but in the future it will possible to make adjustments. But unfortunately, AOL Reader does not currently provide Feed content search function.

6.The Old Reader
For those who miss the old version of Google Reader hardcore fans concerned, The Old Reader is the best choice. Home interface is very simple and clean, clear, landing two kinds of methods are Facebook and Google. After landing, add subscription-based website (URL can be automatically identify once input). Speed ​​is also very smooth. But The Old Reader somewhat delayed.


If you often in multiple places, a variety of devices to read RSS feeds, then you may need a web client RSS reader, just like  Google reader. NetVibes is such a product, its has the closest interface style like google reader, a bit like a gorgeous version of iGoogle. 
NetVibes is currently very popular Web version RSS reader.


Facebook also plans to join the fray. According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that "informed sources, this social network has been quietly tested a internal name for the Reader's services to a format optimized for mobile devices, display from Facebook users and publishers of content."