Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Professsional Photo Software : Photomizer SCAN Review

Photomizer Scan is a professional photo software that help you to edit your scanned photos, scanned slides and even your scanned negatives in an easy way. Further more, you also can enjoy more colorful images by touching up flat colors! Remove errors and dust at the PC – fully automatically!

The easy-to-operate software impresses with a clear user interface. You see the original picture, preview and work surface directly on the monitor. The results of the optimization are displayed in real time. Simply save all changes – ready.

Photomizer Scan 2 Highlights
  • Fully automatic optimization of scans, slides and negatives
  • Automatic object recognition
  • Re-adjustment of tonality
  • Re-sharpening and contrast optimization
  • Color-intensive photos through re-sharpening of matt colors!
  • Fully automatic: optimization of hue control and saturation, correction of white balance, bright/dark correction
  • Removal of undesired color casts, fog etc.
Top Feedback
  • Plit view for Original versus modify preview is nice
  • Autocorrection works fine
  • Can't work on a selected portion with Zoom feature
  • A really excellent program for dealing with old negatives
  • No preset option for photos directly from camera
  • With a cool before/after view-screen.
Focal Spot Tracking

Photomizer Scan is specialized to work with slides, negatives, (and oddly enough) cell phone images. It does NOT have a preset for scanned photos. And, as SCAN is in the name of the software, it is not meant for “normal” digital photos that come straight from a camera. That’s not to say it won’t help with those images, just that there is no preset option for them.

One advantage of this software is that during the editing phase you get an adjustable “split screen” that lets you see before/after. It’s not just a side-by-side comparison–you can actually move a slider over the photo to see what the program is doing. You can add photos easily enough by dragging the to the little bin at the left side of the window. But some customization options are limited. 

Overall, Photomizer Scan is really a powerful and useful for you to deal with pictures. If you have a slide scanner and are not satisfied with the scanned results, Photomizer Scan is your perfect solution. Now, you can use Coupon Code:EASY-J5TS-VILJ with 10% off for this software on moyeamedia.com