Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Super Easy-To-Use Movie Creator : Bolide Movie Creator Review

Bolide Movie Creator is an easy to use HD video editor for Windows. This HD video editor is here to sort out your problems and specially designed for non-techies! It is so easy to use that even a first-grader would cope! It offers effortless video editing and saves your time. Focus on being creative and imaginative instead of racking your brains on how to start using it.

As a result of using the HD video editor Bolide Movie Creator, you get a high-quality video with great visual effects and transitions, with nice music and photos, captions and you and your friends in the lead. You can even get a full HD video and enjoy watching it on the big screen.

Key Features
  • Drag and drop video clips for effortless video editing
  • Add your own text comments
  • Add photos to combine with video episodes
  • Add any music tracks you like
  • Easily edit files of all supported video formats (AVI, MPEG, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV)
  • Choose from a wide range of visual effects and transitions
  • Set the start and finish points to get an episode to be inserted into the output video file

Top Feedback
  • An entry level video editor
  • Very easy to use
  • Includes 21 new transition
  • Based video converters contained
  • Lack with output formats & settings
Focal Spot Tracking

Video editor software can be divided into 3 broad categories. 1st is easiest one that assembling your video; 2nd is altering the picture itself, can help your to make the picture look better; 3rd is adding usually creative FX, it can deal with the large number of your original source material come out with various video formats, but you have to pay lots of time on how to using it. The last two accounts for most of the proportion on video market. 

So Bolide Movie Creator is an entry level video editor that's very easy to use but is lacking when it comes to output formats & settings - it gives you more options than the .wmv or AVC/H.264 of Windows Movie Maker. 

Beyond the basic cropping and cutting & trimming video clips, Bolide Movie Creator includes several basic transitions you can use where your video clips join or come together. 

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