Monday, August 19, 2013

An Excellent Screenshot and Screen Recorder : Ashampoo Snap 6 Review

Ashampoo Snap 6 is an excellent screenshot and screen recording tool, which is the ideal solution for quick screen captures. Have the means to record and document anything you see on your screen as screenshot images and video screencasts with audio support.

Create images, tutorials, screencasts and presentations or simply share information with friends and colleagues - Ashampoo Snap 6 is your premier tool to communicate your thoughts and ideas.


  • Multiple capture modes: Fixed area, free area, timer-based and more
  • Real-time modifications with live preview
  • Integrated image editor: Draw, highlight, apply artistic effects
  • Desktop capture bar for quick and easy access to essential features
  • Multi-format export: File, Clipboard, Printer, email, Facebook, Ashampoo Webspace
  • Load and save PDF documents
  • Revise your work through readjustable document settings
  • Support for multi-core processors for highest performance
  • No keyboard acrobatics required thanks to 1-click features
  • No fiddling with nested input dialogs


Top Feedback
  • Has the ability to take screenshots or record screen
  • Provide multiple capture modes to cover all possible eventualities. 
  • Supports you with a range of built-in functions to annotate, illustrate and process your screenshots to help you communicate your thoughts and ideas.
  • Screenshots shared via Facebook or email, saved locally, printed, or sent to Windows Clipboard. Videos can be shared via YouTube or email, or saved locally.
  • Has very helpful on-the-spot tips/guides on what each feature does and how to use it
  • There are no basic video editing capabilities. 
  • Screenshots cannot be saved as GIF
Focal Spot Tracking

No matter where we at, school, home, office or anywhere else, we'd like to share our status online with our friends, make screenshots is becoming the task for our daily life. So an easy-use and powerful screenshot and record tool will reduce our daily "job". 

Ashampoo Snap 6 is just the one that owns screen capture, picture editor and file publisher, which can makes the complex steps into one, let us to share the captured screen by one program. Even it's limited for video editor function, it is still the best choice for our daily social communication. The price is reasonable. 

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