Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Clean, Optimize and Protect Your PC : Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2013 Review

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a superior program with over 20 different tools and features, which allow users to clean,  optimize and protect their computers.

Key Features
  • Make your PC faster and more responsive,
  • Protect your privacy and safeguard or remove sensitive data,
  • Clean and declutter your system,
  • Fix and repair common Windows errors and improve system stability,
  • Achieve and maintain peak performance.
  • Maintenance: It analyzes the health status of your hard disk drives and can therefore identify possible problems at an early stage, before your valuable data are lost due to a hard disk failure.
  • Optimization: Updated algorithms ensure improved performance of all maintenance automatisms for more thorough results and at the same time an accelerated execution of the most popular modules and functions.
  • Interface: The improved interface provides a more direct access to all important functions and features and still offers the usual smooth handling of our unrivaled homogeneous handling concept. This includes explanations and views for an invariably intuitive handling.
  • Security: Improved performance and handling when permanently deleting data and detailed information as well as a direct link to the Windows recycle bin.
  • General: More than 100 improvements in all modules.

Top Feedback
  • Is very easy to use
  • Has over 20 built-in features, tools, and functionality that you would otherwise need to download multiple different programs to have
  • A great choice to keep Windows clean 
  • It is a complete solution to clean your PC very easily in one click.
  • Provides a noticeable speed increase for Windows 8 PCs.
  • Automatically creates a backup before making “critical” changes to your computer (e.g. registry changes), allowing you to undo changes as desired
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Have to say today, lots of people own a PC but lack of the knowledge on how to optimize and manage it. With time pass by, PC will be bloated and run slowly, and more serious truth is that these problem will reduce the life time of computer. Just in case, we should keep our computer clean and optimization. A easy-use program will can be perfecter, as seen from above Ashampoo WinOptimizer is the one. 

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